Koala’s big boy party time!

On the last day of the year, here we are this morning, celebrating... Koala's first full night with no motzetz! We had a minute or two of pitiful withdrawal face, and another 3 seconds of desperate thumb-sucking, but then he turned over and went to sleep. For the night! Toilet training has hit a new... Continue Reading →

I swear this just happened.

Bebe keeps spitting out her pacifier, which drives Koala nuts. He picks it up and puts it back in. She spits it out. He runs across the room to his toys. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Tools," he responds. He runs back over with his little blue hammer, and holds it up to Bebe's... Continue Reading →

Babies need stuff.

Tada! In a feat I could never have pulled off on my own, we have managed to choose and order and place a deposit on a baby package consisting of furniture/stuff/things. That, about a week after we first became traumitized when taking a commerical peek at what we were in for.  To answer a few questions:  What... Continue Reading →

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