b'herayon koala update

Acquiring possessions in baby steps.

While I still don’t know how/where I plan to give birth, I do know this: apparently I’m supposed to be shopping for this prima dona that hasn’t even arrived yet. 

Last night I dared venture into the black hole that is Babies R Us (.com) and the only thing stopping me from shrieking and waddling the other way was the incessant kicking of the belly tenant.

Ok, ok little one… You need stuff. I get it. Let’s take a closer look at what the options are for, say, strollers. 

Whoa. So on an American baby store website, there are 7 categories of strollers and then about 2,387 sub categories, not to mention dozens of brands and a myriad of options. I went straight for customer reviews and found no less than 15 qualities that the first handful of customers mentioned as important. 

And choosing a birthing place is hard?

Maybe in this case living in Israel with less choices is an advantage. Haven’t really walked into a Shilav yet though. 

Didn’t we evolve from monkeys? Don’t monkeys just swing along on their mothers’ backs? If I had a hairy back so my baby could cling to it, would I need all this stuff?

Ok, self, breathe. Isn’t this what all those Lamaze classes are for?

I’m going to take this one car seat/crib/changing table at a time.