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  • When you end up in the girls’ Purim costume aisle in Bet Shemesh

    Mom of the year spent a couple hours today exploring the Purim costume scene in Bet Shemesh. I never really did that before because – a. my oldest has wanted to be Mordechai HaYehudi for the last two years and bathrobe + makeup beard + paper crown = score! b. I never had that much […]

  • Liz’s How To: become a total creep over Hello Kitty

    Racing through Malha mall for errands today, the heavens opened up and rays of sunlight poured down and unicorn angels sang and my eyes fell upon this… mecca of old school cuteness… Granted this would completely make my daughter’s day, week, month, year – somehow she’s head over heels in love with ‘KITTY! HELLO, KITTY!!!’ […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Shopping

    Never gets old… Quick snap at a Target on Staten Island. I liked that with a little playing around, it looks more like a surreal alien world. Week 32: Shopping Fluorescent shopping wonderland.

  • Leg warmers. From Beitar Illit.

    I gave it all away in the title. Look, I was heading to the Beitar Illit shopping bonanza to find some funky gifts for a friend’s bachelorette – bridal shower. I walked out of one, but did a double-take on the way out when I spotted these: I had to have them. I can’t explain […]

  • Babies need stuff.

    Tada! In a feat I could never have pulled off on my own, we have managed to choose and order and place a deposit on a baby package consisting of furniture/stuff/things. That, about a week after we first became traumitized when taking a commerical peek at what we were in for.  To answer a few questions:  What […]

  • City feature: Namal Tel Aviv

    The area of the Tel Aviv port – נמל תל אביב – (right before Beach Mezizim) is one of those situations where ugly warehouses went for cheap rent, so trendy designers and cafes opened shop and now all the trendy wendys go out there a beautiful day to shop, eat, chat, ponder life, and whatever […]

  • Another genius Israeli marketing campaign.

    It’s so brilliant, my husband didn’t even get it at first. That’s how brilliant it was. When I laid eyes on it, I knew the time had come to switch from doing American marketing campaigns to Israel marketing campaigns. Plus, it made me want to buy all the clothes in the shop, because god knows […]