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  • So, your wife is pregnant…

    A few weeks ago I noticed an advertisement at a Jerusalem cafe and I had to share: The ad is for a campaign by Clalit health insurance: ReadyDaddy.co.il – ‘because men aren’t born ready.’ Note: And women are?! It’s a cute if not cliche idea; as we can all see, it’s based on the stereotype […]

  • I could use a break too.

  • The youth of the Bezeq parrot.

    I recently finished reading a book I found on my shelf – Vernon God Little – and as I was reading it, a postcard fell out, as if by some will of the powers that be, I was meant to find it and comment:   I couldn’t believe it! It was the freaky Bezeq parrot, […]

  • Would you buy Internet from the guru parrot?

    In the last week, Bezeq rolled out a new edition to it’s psycho parrot ad campaign. I meant to post it earlier, but let’s face it: I don’t get around to doing things that turn me off as quickly. But as Lena points out in her comment, this one is not that bad. I still […]