So, your wife is pregnant…

A few weeks ago I noticed an advertisement at a Jerusalem cafe and I had to share:

The ad is for a campaign by Clalit health insurance: – ‘because men aren’t born ready.’

Note: And women are?!

It’s a cute if not cliche idea; as we can all see, it’s based on the stereotype that men are freaked by pregnancy and the idea of having babies around. As seen on TV I guess. On another level I think it’s actually condescending; I know a lot of guys who were as ready and willing as their wives and for whom fatherhood has come as naturally as it can. In fact, I’m married to one.

But back to the ad: It’s a very well-done viral attempt to get young couples into Clalit service. Babies make the insurance companies money from the government. It’s the main reason why my very own Maccabi health insurance company has pushed so hard to get into Beitar Illit.

Money, money, money. Humor is always welcome, though. Good for Clalit for getting edgy for the young folks. Good for guys for being good sports about the cliches. And good for women like me who notice the ads above toilets in unisex bathrooms.

For a close up of what the ad says, click it to view larger:

Ten things that every guy has to do before you enter pregnancy…


  • Breathe.
  • Prepare a list of ten things you love about your wife – you will soon need it as a reminder…
  • Ask your wife to prepare a list of ten things she loves about you – she will soon need it as a reminder…
  • No matter what, remember the answer to every question is, “What do you mean, you are totally glowing!”
  • Buy a moped, comfortable, waterproof, running shoes. In the coming months, you will be a messenger.
  • End off nicely with all your friends. Don’t worry, they’ll come to the brit.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.





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