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Ok, Bezeq Parrot. You win.

Well, the Bezeq Parrot had earned his keep methinks. And an Israeli company has proven it is capable of providing not only quality, but creative, customer service. Lots of companies have Twitter accounts for so-called support. Some of them actually keep up with that premise. But @bezeqbenleumi really has it down. We recently switched our […]

what a country

The Bezeq Parrot does Ke$ha. Of course.

He’s done it again… Warning: May cause urge to get the F out of the country. Bezeq Parrot does Ke$ha to sell you cheap international phone rates Don’t shoot me, I’m just the deliverer. Actually, it’s a pretty good deal – 10 shekel for unlimited international land line calling. As long as the Parrot doesn’t […]