Color ignorant.

The innocence of babes is alive and well... even if it's for just a few short years. Koala and I were looking at a book last night. He pointed to a picture of a brown-skinned teacher. "What's that?" "A teacher." Pointing lower, "what's that?" "Her legs." "What's the brown?" I've been wondering when he'd ask.... Continue Reading →


Koala comes over and yanks off my glasses. "No! Mama is blind, c'mon..." He bends back the left arm with his little fist. The second pair he's ruined in a week. "Oh, c'mon? Why you gotta be so mean?" I go upstairs and get my next spare pair. "Look, Koala! Do you like Mama's ugly... Continue Reading →

Thank you for not smoking. Seriously.

I work in the Israeli equivalent of a big, fancy office building. That basically means it was built to be big and fancy, but it's half empty and constantly under shiputzim (renovations). My daily exercise consists of taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator to get to my office, so the 'no smoking' signs stuck in the stairwells... Continue Reading →

The shaking of my non-faith.

You may think you have everything to lose until you have a kid. Yeah, I had stuff to lose before... but now everything I had to lose is seen in the new light of having a kid and thus everything to lose.  Which is why today it dawned on me: My family lives in Israel.... Continue Reading →

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