Thank you for not smoking. Seriously.

I work in the Israeli equivalent of a big, fancy office building. That basically means it was built to be big and fancy, but it’s half empty and constantly under shiputzim (renovations).

My daily exercise consists of taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator to get to my office, so the ‘no smoking’ signs stuck in the stairwells are already a subconscious part of my climb.

Despite a ‘no smoking indoors’ policy, officially and non-profit stickerly, the stairwells always reek of smoke.

So today I wasn’t necessarily surprised to see that someone had taken it upon themselves to deliver a stronger message:

Hey, this is Israel. It takes more than soft diplomatic words to get what you want ’round these parts.

So would you please stop murdering the pregnant women and their unborn children with your nasty, poisonous, teeth-yellowing habit?





Whadya got: