Merry Christmas from Oz.

Just took an impromptu walking tour of Ivanhoe, an area of Melbourne where the folks get real merry about Christmas decor, American-style. Well, kind of; it’s a good effort.

The blue-ribbon light show, in my opinion:

Aussie class…

Snowmen? Reindeer? How about a Santa-hat wearing kangaroo?

Pretending it’s winter (though, it’s a freak summer and actually feels like winter…)

Since the weather’s been so crazy here, it hasn’t been much of a Christmas-culture shock (I was expecting Santa’s elves in bikinis). So essentially we went from Israeli winter-in-hiding to Aussie not-so-summer. Upside down, indeed.

Israeli Jew on Christmas.

Back home in New York, Christmas for Jews means Chinese food and  going to the movies (apparently).

Because I have a TV this year, I can’t forget that tonight the rest of the world is celebrating various versions of this holiday.

My Australian husband has recalled the Chinese food and movies tradition (which I’ve actually never done back in the States) and made Chinese food… and now we’re watching movies.

Santa Chinese food

Happy holidays to those who are celebrating! Enjoy the Chinese to the American Jews who are stuck at home…