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  • Merry Christmas from Oz.

    Just took an impromptu walking tour of Ivanhoe, an area of Melbourne where the folks get real merry about Christmas decor, American-style. Well, kind of; it’s a good effort. The blue-ribbon light show, in my opinion: Aussie class… Snowmen? Reindeer? How about a Santa-hat wearing kangaroo? Pretending it’s winter (though, it’s a freak summer and…

  • The land of equal opportunity.

    What’s wrong with this picture? Hint: It’s an AEPi house at the University of Pennsylvania in December.

  • Israeli Jew on Christmas.

    Back home in New York, Christmas for Jews means Chinese food and  going to the movies (apparently). Because I have a TV this year, I can’t forget that tonight the rest of the world is celebrating various versions of this holiday. My Australian husband has recalled the Chinese food and movies tradition (which I’ve actually…