The land of equal opportunity.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Hint: It’s an AEPi house at the University of Pennsylvania in December.





24 responses to “The land of equal opportunity.”

  1. Avi Avatar

    Simple. AEPi is a Jewish frat.

  2. Mordechai Rabinowitz Avatar
    Mordechai Rabinowitz

    who cares?

  3. Jacob Avatar

    seasonal decorations don’t imply a loss of jewish faith. calm yourself.

  4. elie Avatar

    I thought it was a cute irony.

  5. Andy Borans Avatar

    I find this very upsetting. The loss of Jewish faith and identity at the Gamma chapter is simply despicable. While the decline has been going on for some time now, it really accelerated during the Administration of one William Morel.

  6. Sal Avatar

    Having Holiday decorations up indicates a loss of Jewish faith???

    I find that a bit closed-minded

    May I remind you that Santa has traditionally nothing to do with Jesus and is derived from a pagan ritual…what’s next, Frosty the Snowman?

    Let the kids have a little fun.

  7. Charlie C Moscowitz Avatar
    Charlie C Moscowitz

    Oy gevalt! What schlemiel would do such a thing? Moses must be turning over in his grave.

  8. Santa Clause Avatar
    Santa Clause

    OH YEAH BEECHES! WAT NOW! we taking ova

  9. Daniel Doddo Avatar
    Daniel Doddo

    the decorations outside the house may not be jewish, but the girls who go there are…

    – schneeb free 09

  10. Kent Silvernail Avatar
    Kent Silvernail

    AEPi has really gone downhill since 1984

  11. Louis Littman Avatar
    Louis Littman

    I hear Andy Borans is a huge bitch!

  12. Andy Borans is a racist Avatar
    Andy Borans is a racist

    fuck you Andy… you are a racist hater of anything that’s not Jewish… get over yourself. you are a schneeb, please go away

  13. Gorilla Avatar

    1) Dear blogger, get a life
    2) APES

  14. Zach Rieger Avatar
    Zach Rieger

    Gamma chapter has hated Andy Borans for 6 years now.. I cant wait until they finally fire his ass..We are slowly becoming schneeb free and if BORans stays away it will help…Hey ANdy come to our “How Christmas stole AEPI” party we dare you…

    -the BLOC

  15. Daniel Doddo Avatar
    Daniel Doddo

    who loves DAAAAdddoooo? definitely all the jewish girls who frequented the AEPI house that i slowly turned more and more gentile!!

    Bring it on andy BORans (huge schneeebbb)!!

  16. Billius Avatar

    Borhands is so dogmatic because in his last life he was a priest…he touched me….a lot.

  17. I.D. Beef Avatar
    I.D. Beef

    Every time I take a dump I check to make sure I’ve eaten enough fiber

  18. Timothy Ford Avatar
    Timothy Ford

    sorry guys i’ve been jizzing in the lasy lasagna and using only fromunda cheese

  19. brian lipstein Avatar
    brian lipstein

    can somebody let me out of the catacombs? ever since they built this wall i can’t get out. doesn’t anyone wanna come pledge please?

  20. Todd Cooper Avatar
    Todd Cooper

    This is Staples! I put up the Santa decorations. Bring it suckahs!

  21. Jason Miller Avatar
    Jason Miller

    Holy Macaroni!!!! What is with the Santa!

  22. Jim the Banker Avatar
    Jim the Banker

    Ehhhh, I served with Santa in ‘Nam. He was definately a goy.

  23. Proud AEPI Gamma class of 1984 Avatar
    Proud AEPI Gamma class of 1984

    Wow! Andy Borans singing the same old song for thirty years! Using the same old code words he always used. For those not in-the-know, whenever Borans says “your chapter needs an ‘identity,’” he means “100% Jewish membership.”
    AEPI Gamma does not belong to AEPI national, it belongs to the AEPI brothers on the PENN campus. They should run it the way they see fit. If AEPI national doesn’t like it, well tough tittie (or in Boran’s case, tough BITCH-tittie!).
    Oh, by the way, a special message to Andy Borans: we all hated you in 1984 too…even the few guys in our chapter who wanted a %100 Jewish brotherhood couldn’t stand you.

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