Welcome to my favorite age, Koala.

Fitting that on the eve of Koala’s third birthday (!) I had the most fun I’ve had in a while.

I saved the Supersol Yashir boxes so we’d have something to do when he got out of gan early today. We had some rare mama-son time alone in the house.

Ima and Koala into the box, a box over our heads, a flashlight in tiny hand, fits of laughter as we hatch our evil plan, that being when Abba walks in he can’t find us – we’re in the box!

Also, 2 boxes + flashlight + a lil boy = cool photography.



Purim roundup.

Purim is a different kind of fun with a kid. I don’t think mine’s old enough to be the truly fun kind of kid fun, but we’re getting there.

It’s also super-exhausting, although that might have to do with the second baby I’m carrying around.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We got through most of megillah with him, and he didn’t even freak out at the Haman craziness. Which makes it the first year! (including prenatally).
  • My gratitude to the two jolly Arab petrol station attendants who gave my whiny boy a ra’ashan on the house today.
  • We did seudah with a friend of Koala’s from gan. It’s extra-fun to see him playing with a kid he knows and likes on a daily basis.
  • It’s also fun to learn how much more Hebrew he actually knows than what we hear.
  • He’s not a fan of dressing up too much; but we’ll get there with age I suppose. He stuck to the bunny pajamas for the duration of Purim (as opposed to several other costumes I had on hand). But he likes the make up aspect, so it’s a start.

Fun with pretzels!

I love this:

Fun with pretzels, Israeli style!

The generic Supersol brand wants you to know all about the awesome fun you can have with pretzel rings. It explains that “pretzel rings are the most fun way to eat from your hands!”

“Do you want an idea of how to truly enjoy pretzel rings? Please: put on the rings (and you can put them on your friends) and nibble them straight from your fingers (you can also do that from your friends’ fingers).”

Raunchy! And I love the little diagram that goes with it. Love it.