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  • This is decades-bad.

    It’s bad. It’s bad on so many levels. Personally, we are ok in our area. A given Israeli’s frontline concerns depend on where exactly they are located. For us on this side, the very rare siren in the last 15 years is not much of an issue. That can’t be said for every corner of […]

  • Hi from a new chapter in an old story.

    Hi from a new chapter in an old story.

    After a year and a half of emotional exhaustion, it’s shocking and also not shocking to learn that it’s possible to be even more deeply emotionally exhausted. With each passing rocket or gunshot or stabbing or counterstrike, another slice of the next generation loses the chance to grow up not knowing what we know. More […]

  • When a rocket reaches Tel Aviv.

    Almost nothing should stop a Jew from making a chatan and kallah happy on their wedding day… Which is why, despite how difficult today was, I was determined to join the celebration in Petah Tikvah tonight. Started the car, radio came on. ‘And a siren was just heard in Tel Aviv…’ Oh. Started driving out […]

  • Hurricane Sandy. Gaza rockets. It’s raining, and it’s tragic.

    Being a New Yorker outside of New York when disaster strikes is hard. I think we have some sort of mutated DNA that makes us deal with crap in a different way. A New York way. Like Hurricane Irene last year, only yeah, this time New York skepticism didn’t win out. Obviously, this is a […]