When a rocket reaches Tel Aviv.

Almost nothing should stop a Jew from making a chatan and kallah happy on their wedding day…

Which is why, despite how difficult today was, I was determined to join the celebration in Petah Tikvah tonight.

Started the car, radio came on.

‘And a siren was just heard in Tel Aviv…’


Started driving out the gates, calling a Tel Avivi friend on repeat.

A rocket had indeed landed somewhere in south Tel Aviv.


Drove onto the highway. Kept going forward, waiting for the 6 to show up. It’d be all northbound from there.

‘We’ll take this opportunity to remind those of you driving… if you hear the siren, stop your car, get out, and get to the closest building. If there’s no building, get out onto the ground and put your hands over your head. If you don’t have time to get out… stay inside. Wait ten minutes.’

I comically looked over to my right, to my left. It’d be a road sign or guard rail for me.

And, radio turned low and eyes on the road, those were the thoughts that consumed me until I reached the 6.


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