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  • Israel home birth crackdown: Why we ended up in hospital instead of at home

    It’s amazing how many people have asked about this. Why I gave birth at a hospital, which I assume they are assuming based on photos. Here’s the background to my next update, about the birth itself. I didn’t want to downplay or fill with negativity the telling of the birth of my newest daughter. So […]

  • Where was your daughter born?

    So while initially, after giving birth to my daughter, I was asked very often ‘where did you give birth?’ that question has definitely waned in the last 15 months. It just becomes the sort of question doctors ask you at initial check ups, I guess. And so, oddly, despite everything, I kinda forgot where my […]

  • Happy International Women’s Day from Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    On an unplanned visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem’s labor ward, I was reminded of the¬†significance¬†of today, International Women’s Day for laborin’ women everywhere. They were very adamant I got one of these. And so I share: Note: I did no laboring myself. Thank god.

  • Birthing in Jerusalem hospitals.

    As my third trimester quickly approaches, I’ve been getting serious about touring and registering at hospitals, considering alternative birthing options and doing the doula dance. Yep, this is the ‘bureaucratic’ and technical aspect of being pregnant. In the last month we’ve done hospital tours in two popular Jerusalem hospitals: Hadassah Ein Karem and Shaarei Tzedek. […]