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Oh, Jerusalem: High impact presentation of a high impact city

Every day I wake up, get myself and what feels like 3853075 other people ready for our routines, drag my ass to my car and eventually end up on the road into work. The thing about that road is, it’s the road to Jerusalem. And not just the road to Jerusalem, but the road to […]

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You love us, so listen: Here’s why we need a parade.

I’ll answer the question again and again. It’s exhausting, and I don’t even have to answer it that often. But I’m going to answer it again. Even – especially – the most well-meaning people, including loved ones, ‘allies’ and beyond, ask it around once a year. For the moms and dads, siblings, relatives, friends – […]

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The State of Jerusalem Pride 2015: lovers love, haters hate

‘Why do we have parades?’ My 6yo kept puzzling over that one. ‘We have parades to say something.’ He wanted to know what we’re saying now. ‘We’re saying that love is good, everyone can love whoever they want.’ ‘Why are there rainbows?’ ‘Because there are so many kinds of love.’ The kids will probably remember […]

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Tzur Hadassah update: small town, big plans, lots of drama

This ain’t your mama’s yishuv…

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Getting your feet (ritually) wet: An American-Israeli’s mikvah story

Perhaps, for a taharat-mishpacha-keeping American-Israeli olah (female American immigrant to Israel who keeps laws of family purity), nothing else can quite epitomize the cultural differences of here and there better than… the mikvah. Because I got married in Israel, my mikva knowledge and experiences have been molded here. The closest I got in the States before […]