We thought we saw it all, Bnei Brak. Then you do this.

Kashrut enthusiasts! Kosher-keeping container collectors, gather round! You've seen the blue Dairy stickers... You've used the red Meat stickers... You've stuck on green Pareve stickers... You've dusted off the purple Passover stickers... And now, for a limited time only, you have the stunning option of adorning your most chametzidik dishware with the one, the only... ...'Sold... Continue Reading →

Just a typical day.

This is the kind of thing you'd expect in Israel I suppose, but with my in-laws, who knows what might pop up down under... Today while visiting my brother-in-law's farm (yes, farm), my nephew started towards one of the roosters and was attacked. My father-in-law ran over, grabbed my nephew, and kicked - booted -... Continue Reading →

פיצונקה would like your attention.

Since moving to this area, we've watched local restaurants come and go. They usually aren't kosher or attention-grabbing enough to get us interested. And the latter is probably mostly why they don't survive. To service (and survive) the Matte Yehuda area, I suppose you have to be pretty damn good, considering you're competing with an... Continue Reading →

My semi-Mehadrin life.

Checked the mail today. Being in a  new district, outside of Jerusalem, makes for interesting mail. Tzur Hadassah is technically a part of Matte Yehuda (מטה יהודה) but it borders Beitar, which is technically in Gush Etzion, however... yeah. So in the mail, I usually get telephone books for different districts, catalogs for different shopping... Continue Reading →

Are your medicines kosher for Passover?

Here's reason #678 for aliyah: The Clalit health clinic, one of the four major health insurance programs in Israel, has a place on their website for determining if the medicines in your cabinet are kosher for passover. You can check it out here (works better in IE). You can type the name of the medicine... Continue Reading →

Israel restaurant guide.

Tourist season is pretty much over in Israel... until Chanukah. So it's a shame I've only found out about this now, but you'll know for next time. eLuna.com is a website listing and rating restaurants from all over Israel. If you register, you can even get Jewpons, sorry, coupons, honoured at many of the restaurants... Continue Reading →

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