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  • What happens after the last baby

    What happens after the last baby

    What happens after the last baby? Why is it so disarming? And why do so many of us go through it while feeling so alone?

  • Working mom chronicles: 4 skills I’ve proudly mastered

    Good evening, fellow working parents! Are you relaxed after a long day of <fill in various blanks>? Let’s not focus on the negative. Sure, being a full time working parent of multiple children, equipped with the partnership of a similarly full time working parent is, well, rough. But there are perks! I’ve picked up new […]

  • So *this* is mother guilt.

    I’m panicking. I’m even kind of shaking. I know it’s ridiculous, but then again, I really don’t. Bebe and I are leaving tonight on a two-week trip to New York and Florida to visit family. I’ve been really looking forward to this trip for weeks. It was an ‘on a whim’ thing, and I think […]

  • New baby: One month.

    There is nothing like those first few days with your newly born baby. It’s a gray zone; they were just inside you, an extension of your body, but not yet uncurled, open, an entity apart from you. One of my favorite parts is the smell. Before they’ve been cleaned, had a bath, smell like laundry […]

  • Thankfulness.

    It was technically Koala’s second Thanksgiving, but it was the first he could actually eat at. And eat he did. The toddler with three nationalities has plenty of room in his little belly for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes and pie. But then, who doesn’t? And who doesn’t love drumming the 8-kilo turkey before mama […]

  • Zumba!

    For a few years I kept seeing the word ‘zumba’ in my Facebook feed… Ahhh! Zumba! Just came back from zuuumbaaa!!! I <3 Zumba 4everz!!11!!1 And I’ve had no freakin clue what everyone has been saying. Last week, I got an email advertising Zumba on Sunday nights right here in cozy little Tzur Hadassah. So […]

  • Koala update: Thirteen months.

    For now, I think two letters can tell us everything we need to know: (Chee-Z).

  • Koala update: Twelve months.

    The year is here. Some kind of ultimate milestone. Profundity escapes me. I’m just impressed I’m still around, sane enough to tell the tale… Starting with today – the first birthday. Since the birth-day. Vaccines aside, I’m fairly certain by the evidence that Koala enjoyed what I call a ‘naked cake grab’ at dinner time. There’s […]

  • Koala update: Eleven months.

    We’re nearing a year and look at that, I have time to update (barely). I also have a lot of flashbacks about what this time last year was like. Childless, calm and well-rested. Ah, memories. Informal poll: Is my sabra the only one to have ‘todah’ (thank you) be his first functional word? Just wondering […]

  • Motherhood inferiority complex.

    More than once I’ve been told I’m a pretty laid-back first-time mom. I think when I got pregnant, I became so overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of what I was about to do and I kinda just let go of trying to even attempt to control the situation. I’ve just been able to take one […]

  • It's all about the boobjamins.

    Long day. I returned to the office today after a two week (work-themed) hiatus. When I got home at 4:30pm, my husband was on the couch and Koala was on the floor next to him, eating a dreidal (standard fare, really). I gave Koala a big hello to which he smiled, and, like a really […]

  • Koala update: Seven months.

    They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. Dammit, I’m surrounded by cliches. It’s getting kinda repetitive. But I’ll take a cribful of cliches for all the milestones Koala has experienced in the last month. He worked really hard to sit – every day, one leg under the […]