It's all about the boobjamins.

Long day. I returned to the office today after a two week (work-themed) hiatus. When I got home at 4:30pm, my husband was on the couch and Koala was on the floor next to him, eating a dreidal (standard fare, really). I gave Koala a big hello to which he smiled, and, like a really... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Seven months.

They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. Dammit, I'm surrounded by cliches. It's getting kinda repetitive. But I'll take a cribful of cliches for all the milestones Koala has experienced in the last month. He worked really hard to sit - every day, one leg under the... Continue Reading →

Working motherhood.

It would be cliche and boring to say being a working mother is like a big juggling act. Or jigsaw puzzle. Would it be any more exciting to call it an Unscramble? I used to love those. There are so many pieces involved to making a day go by successfully. Or, at the very least,... Continue Reading →

Question of the week.

Q: What's it like being back at the office? A: I feel like a freshman in high school. Everything is new; it's still school like middle school was, but it's bigger and more complicated. And there's more home-work. And I'm tired all the time from waking up at 6 am to get everyone out the... Continue Reading →

Not your momma's birthday.

Recently, my birthday passed but for years now I've just not been a birthday person at all. Occasionally, growing up (as my ponderous tye-dye free-thinking self), I would consider - along with saving the manatees - the idea that perhaps birthdays should be about mothers, not kids. After all, the mother is the one who... Continue Reading →

Adapting to new life.

The Koala isn't the only newbie around here. It's hit me in the last week that I am a new person. It's been a short process (36 hour labor) and a long process (it's about a year since I found out I was pregnant).  But here I am, changed. I'm a mother. I'm a food source.... Continue Reading →

Koala update: six weeks.

Imagine that six weeks ago yesterday my entire life was altered in a way I slowly come to fathom every day. Piece by piece. On so many levels I am amazed: at myself, for making it happen through a kind of energy and inner strength I wasn't sure I had... At my husband, who was... Continue Reading →

The shaking of my non-faith.

You may think you have everything to lose until you have a kid. Yeah, I had stuff to lose before... but now everything I had to lose is seen in the new light of having a kid and thus everything to lose.  Which is why today it dawned on me: My family lives in Israel.... Continue Reading →

Making the most of maternity leave.

It's three and a half weeks later and all of our 'afterbirth' guests have departed as of today. Needless to say we are looking forward to being able to settle into a semi-permanent routine where he goes to work every day till 3pm and I'm hanging with the little one playing Holly Homemaker.  Paid maternity... Continue Reading →

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