Working motherhood.

It would be cliche and boring to say being a working mother is like a big juggling act. Or jigsaw puzzle. Would it be any more exciting to call it an Unscramble? I used to love those.

There are so many pieces involved to making a day go by successfully. Or, at the very least, passably. So many compromises… Milk over meetings? Conference calls over bath time? So many explanations that come out of my mouth sounding like lame excuses.

I did a decent job of enjoying maternity leave while keeping work in the back of my mind. Aside from the fact that being a stay-at-home-mom is one of the biggest luxuries I can think of, I have come to admit that I’m one of those women that has to have a global purpose during the day, even if by global I mean serving the world wide web for a medium-sized hi-tech company.

Then of course, there’s the Other Woman, the milking, the shlepping.

It’s so kinda definitely hectic. What happened, self? There was a time when I worked, went to school, socialized and planned a wedding at the same time.

But then again, I wasn’t being haunted in my light-sleep by evil tooth fairies (the kind that implant them in the cloud-like gums of cherubs at the price of your sanity).

If you ever need an exercise in humbling yourself, become a mom in the midst of working in a fast-paced industry while dropping off your new baby at another woman’s home every day, carrying glass jars of your own milk. All while being chased by the evil tooth fairy.






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  1. nmf #7 Avatar

    Oh man, I totally sympathise. I’m dreading going back to full time not at home work soon. Is it really that bad- should I be losing tons of sleep now about it?
    I found your blog via SuperRaizy, btw.

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