22 true things about you, at one month

Hey there tiny one. Yes, I’m talking to you, in fact, I’m looking directly at you. No one else is around. I know that’s quite an accomplishment. You were born into a preexisting zoo. It’ll be ok. It’s going to give you a lot of super powers, you wait and see.

Not only am I solely thinking about you right now, but I have a list of true things I can already say.

22 true things about you, one month in:

  1. You haven’t been given your blog name yet. It’ll come.
  2. You have been alarmingly alert since you were born. Are you here on a mission? Or just trying to survive like the rest of us?
  3. You look a little bit like a Pokemon character when you get really really mad.
  4. We had your name picked out long before we knew you. And it still fit after we met.
  5. You’re eyes are still blue.
  6. You’ve taken a lot of crap so far. You’re taking it well.
  7. You’ve also given a lot of crap so far. Damn, girl.
  8. You’ve proven that just because two previous babies took a pacifier with ease, doesn’t mean the next one will. Ok, we get it. Can you just take it now?
  9. You might be the least sweaty person that’s ever slept on me.
  10. You’re so… portable.
  11. You know what you want.
  12. You survived matza season without too much drama.
  13. You hiccup A LOT. Don’t try and tell me newborns aren’t bothered by it.
  14. You freaked me the hell out; I really wasn’t expecting a girl. I may have had a mini panic attack at some point in the last month.
  15. You’ve had more stickers stuck on you than my fifth grade sticker album.
  16. It seems you’re growing out of all these tiny preemie/newborn clothes faster than your older siblings.
  17. You have a delicious nose for Eskimo kisses.
  18. We can see the smiles behind your eyes. For a while now.
  19. I think you might be the first newborn one of your uncles ever held.
  20. You are loved.
  21. You have a lot to say.
  22. You’ll have our attention when you’re ready to say it.

Attention, please.

I’m 7 months into this pregnancy, and I have to be honest – I haven’t, and really can’t, give it the same attention I gave the first. How can I? On top of all the other things that go on in daily life, I have a toddler at home. A toddler who is used to a lot of attention. A toddler who is not so interested in relinquishing that attention. A toddler who combs his hair with cous cous. A toddler who randomly calls, Mama! Mama! Mama! and when I turn around, stares at me blankly.

I think part of developing the love and attention for the second child is including the first in it. It’s a family affair. A while ago we introduced Koala to ‘beebees’ and got him his own replicas. Pointed to Mama’s belly and said there was a beebee inside. Wakes up, takes his beebee and feeds her mai (mayim).

A wise friend told me that what will shock me the most is that I will immediately find that I indeed have the room in my heart to love two children infinitely. It’s not a matter of making room in a limited space; it’s not about loving one more or less. Your capacity grows.

I’m guessing that isn’t true for attention. And so go the stereotypes for second children…