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Getting your feet (ritually) wet: An American-Israeli’s mikvah story

Perhaps, for a taharat-mishpacha-keeping American-Israeli olah (female American immigrant to Israel who keeps laws of family purity), nothing else can quite epitomize the cultural differences of here and there better than… the mikvah. Because I got married in Israel, my mikva knowledge and experiences have been molded here. The closest I got in the States before […]

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Bebe Does America.

In short, it was a time of reflection for Bebe. Considering the murky waters of the Staten Island beach. Considering her first NYC subway ride. Considering the thousands of names at the 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero. Considering the shortest flight she’s ever taken. Considering the very different waters of the marina in West Palm […]

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Lizrael Update: Insane mom you hate on flights edition.

Bulletin:  I’m leaving tonight to New York, with both my kids, alone. That’s one adult to two kids. Or, one adult to an infant and a terrible two. So if you’re on my flight, sucks for you. Sucks worse for me. Like I told my mom, who I’m sure is containing all the giddy-with-pleasure as […]

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Matzah in nature.

I love how you can spend a Passover day in Central Park and leave a matzah trail for all the other ‘Yids’ on vacation: Like charedis at a nature preserve, matzah bits settled on leaves and rocks is slightly out of place.

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Welcome to eretz.

Monday, the day I left New York, I met a friend in the city to hang for a bit; he just moved to New York from Tel Aviv so his perspective is still fresh. The conversation came to the usual point, of how impersonal New York is and how in-your-face Israel is. I forget that […]