Can nothing else save Kadima?

Obviously: Faith healer wants top Kadima slot [Times of Israel] Oren Zarif claims he secured Mofaz’s victory for him through supernatural intervention A popular psychokinetic mystic has demanded that the newly installed head of Kadima make him his right hand man, Israel National News reported. In a letter to MK Shaul Mofaz, Oren Zarif insisted that... Continue Reading →

The Messiah: Oren Zarif-style.

If you are looking for a laugh - a reprieve from some annoyingly tedious Israeli political news lately - how about yet another Oren Zarif adventure: Healer hails TV personality Yaron London as official messiah If you ask Oren Zarif, a self-styled super-healer, the messiah has been here for some time. Meanwhile, the messiah continues... Continue Reading →

An *enlightening* discovery.

They say lightening never strikes twice, but that is simply untrue when it comes to the palms of Oren Zarif's hands. A while back I brought him up when I discovered the Mizrachi healer's website. Then, a couple weeks ago, I was walking through Talpiot when from the corner of my eye I spotted the... Continue Reading →

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