Koala update: Ten months.

Koala is ten months old and both his life and mine are starting to fall into place. While Koala does not sleep through the night at this point, he does have a bedtime and he does collapse into it every night, for which I'm grateful. Having a routine is not one of my fortes, but... Continue Reading →

That mother.

And, poof! Just like that, Koala and I are in the States. The only thing accurate in that statement is that Koala and I are in the States. Koala and I, minus husband, minus mother's helper, minus sanity. I took my 7-month old on a business trip to New York. Namely - I managed a... Continue Reading →

Koala update: Seven months.

They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. They grow up so fast. Dammit, I'm surrounded by cliches. It's getting kinda repetitive. But I'll take a cribful of cliches for all the milestones Koala has experienced in the last month. He worked really hard to sit - every day, one leg under the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to parenthood.

So this is it, huh? You get through a really hard week. You get invited out for both meals for Shabbat. You  breath and say, hey, we can go out the whole day Friday! You make plans together. You prepare everything the night before. You get woken up too early on Friday. Your kid is sneezing... Continue Reading →

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