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  • Brighter, bolder better color run: Natal Running In Color 2014

    Last minute, I signed us up for the second ‘Running in Color‘ event, the Tel Aviv answer to the famous Color Runs across the world. This is a charity event for Natal, an organization dedicated to helping victims with PTSD. Last year I had several complaints, mainly that expectations hadn’t been managed in the promotion […]


    The very best friends are the ones who won’t stop until you come to hang out with them in Tel Aviv and then when you’re finally there, a car ride, train ride, and bus ride later, present you with the very best stuffing-my-face-now-nom-nom-nom… Red Velvet. For months, I’ve been hearing about it and salivating over the pics […]

  • Life lessons in Tel Aviv.

    I was in Tel Aviv today for the Bird Brain Unconference. The event was great, thanks for asking, but then three things happened that left me feeling like I learned about more than just Vardi awesomeness and actual birds. 1. Cabbie culture. I don’t take cabs often because I hate the experience of feeling waited […]

  • My own Israeli Australia.

    Just left the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. If you happen to be an Australian married to an American and you have children together, then I don’t have to tell you how much more of a pleasant experience it is to acquire Aussie citizenship and passport for your tri-citizen child. The embassy is located at […]

  • And now, a little bit about Gsus…

    Since I’m already on the topic of religion and conversion, and since Israel is a ridiculous place even without all that, here is an image courtesy of Tel Aviv’s Ibn Givrol that you can feel free to nail into your head… Does the crown of thorns come in extra small? Gsus Sindustries. Based in Amsterdam. […]

  • Tel Aviv might be hi-tech, but Jerusalem is Online.

    Last night I spent a lovely evening at a hi-tech geek party, otherwise known as MashBash. I love it when my hi-tech self and my Israel self combine into one crazy combustication of awesomeness. There are so many reasons I love these gatherings: They are parties with a premise, so the drinking is casual, the […]

  • City feature: Namal Tel Aviv

    The area of the Tel Aviv port – נמל תל אביב – (right before Beach Mezizim) is one of those situations where ugly warehouses went for cheap rent, so trendy designers and cafes opened shop and now all the trendy wendys go out there a beautiful day to shop, eat, chat, ponder life, and whatever […]

  • It’s flag season in Tel Aviv.

    Spent the afternoon walking around Tel Aviv. It was the first time I noticed that the flags are out for flag season, or Yom Haatzmaut, which is going down next Wednesday evening-Thursday. It’s Israel’s 60th anniversary this time, so it’s actually more than just personal flags – storefronts, advertisements and highways are more decorated than […]

  • Karaoke: The good, the bad, the Jerusalem.

    Spread the word: I am in the market for good karaoke as opposed to Jerusalem karaoke. A friend wanted – uncharacteristically – to get her sing on, so we all ventured out to Capricorn, which is apparently Jerusalem’s only karaoke bar. Actually, it’s more like a portable karaoke machine + arse DJ + bitchy waitress […]

  • How they do humor in Tel Aviv.

    I needed a sanity check and a little dose of big city, so we drove to Tel Aviv today, parked in the free city-sponsored parking by the Yarkon and then walked through the city for a few hours. It doesn’t take long before you realize that Tel Aviv has its own brand of humor that […]

  • Another opportunity to volunteer with Sudanese refugees in Israel.

    UPDATE: New info posted for volunteer opportunities to help African asylum seekers in Israel. After I posted about volunteer opportunities with Sudanese refugees in Israel, a few people asked me for more details. While I didn’t have them (but did have the contact details of people who did) I now have more information regarding an opportunity to […]

  • Public service announcement: better sherut!

    Today I was on the 18, on the way to the bus station in Jerusalem. As the bus pulled up past the Beit Shemesh sherut que, I couldn’t help but daydream of a time, one day, when Jerusalem would have a better sherut system. Sherut literally means service, but I can’t help but feel like […]