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  • How Etgar Keret began his writing career [VIDEO]

    As I’m not shy to have already said a few times, I’m a huge fan of Etgar Keret. His use of slang, the length of his stories, and the depths he goes to make you feel at once like your heart has been stepped on while giving you a good laugh… Here’s the video from […]

  • #tomorrow12: Bloggers Q&A with Shimon Peres

    I’m the one who videoed the entire Q&A session that President Shimon Peres gave us bloggers at the Israel Presidents Conference today. Below is the whole uncut video, but below that are quotes from the topics discussed. (I’ll try and update when I splice it by topic.) I was a bit disappointed the questions all […]

  • #tomorrow12: Dr. Ruth on Sex of the Future.

    Disclaimer: This post is about sex. As told by a German-American Jewish 4’7” Holocaust orphaned therapist with a famous and fabulous habit of giving advice. About sex. I remember being a kid, staying up late with a little handheld radio to listen to learn  about love, relationships, and sex. So it’s pretty cool that today […]

  • #tomorrow12: Prof. Kahneman talks decision-making and coaching leadership.

    Panel: Learning from Mistakes on the Way to Tomorrow The following are notes from a talk by Professor Daniel Kahneman, winner of Nobel prize in Economic Science, known for his work in psychology of judgment. It is not always easy to know if a mistake has been made. In the most important situations, it’s extremely […]

  • #tomorrow12: Shimon Peres project for Israeli-Arab integration into hi tech.

    In this week’s episode of That’s! So! Shimon! I am pleased to present a new initiative of Israel’s President Shimon Peres and Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers “which promotes the integration of Arab academics into the Israeli hi-tech industry through a coalition of leading hi-tech companies and NGOs in Israel.” The project is called Ma’antech, and […]

  • #tomorrow12: Ayaan Hirsi-Ali speaks about the true Arab Muslim revolution.

    Hello from the back of the plenary session on Day 2 of the Israel Presidents Conference, Tomorrow 2012, with our gracious and ever-activist host, Shimon Peres. I’m huddled with (real) press members in the back after explaining sheepishly excitedly to a The Marker reporter that I’m a blogger (and, uh, former journalist). The first perspective I’m […]