#tomorrow12: Shimon Peres project for Israeli-Arab integration into hi tech.

In this week’s episode of That’s! So! Shimon! I am pleased to present a new initiative of Israel’s President Shimon Peres and Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers “which promotes the integration of Arab academics into the Israeli hi-tech industry through a coalition of leading hi-tech companies and NGOs in Israel.”

The project is called Ma’antech, and they are announcing its expansion today at the Israel Presidents Conference.

Our mission is to launch the natural integration of Arab employees into the Israeli high tech industry by supporting both candidates and employers throughout the entire recruitment process.

Over 22 Israel-based and Israeli companies have already gotten involved. Many of them aren’t shockers (and good for them as international entities). Some examples include Cisco, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HP, Checkpoint, Amdocs, LivePerson… and more:

Of course, other companies are welcome to join the initiative with Ma’antech.

A few words from President Peres:

“Everybody is asking about my age. Whats the secret? Everyone can be as young as his dreams. Look at the future.”

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