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  • Zurich Airport is child-friendly.

    We flew back to Israel last week as a family; no solo parenting flights from hell this time. Phew is exactly right. It also helped that our stopover in Zurich was an absolute pleasure. I haven’t flown cross-Atlantic with a stopover in 8 or 9 years (and that was my Lufthansa-Frankfort story, which is inappropriate […]

  • Have baby, will travel.

    It is the eve of our first party-of-three family trip… involving a plane ride. That’s right; tomorrow we will be inaugurated as that young couple with a baby that you love to hate on planes. Yet another life milestone. Here’s hoping it will go well. The definition of going well is one of the following: […]

  • City feature: Dead Sea

    Last weekend, we took some R&R out in the dry heat and salt water of the Dead Sea. A vacation in the Dead Sea is really a vacation by an enormous hotel pool, with occasional dips in the oily, salty, burning sensation that is the Dead Sea. This, however, is less about the Dead Sea […]

  • How they do humor in Tel Aviv.

    I needed a sanity check and a little dose of big city, so we drove to Tel Aviv today, parked in the free city-sponsored parking by the Yarkon and then walked through the city for a few hours. It doesn’t take long before you realize that Tel Aviv has its own brand of humor that […]

  • I am not a stationary creature.

    Over the past few months, I’ve been watching people come and go from Israel. I haven’t been back to New York in over a year and it’s nearly a year since I left the country at all. If you take a look at my past passports, you know that’s a bit insane. At this point, […]