Dear John

Dear John Kerry,

May I say, congratulations to you, your family, your campaign, and really, man – to you. You started out one of a sea of candidates, all mediocre at a time when the Democrats needed a strong leader pushing, post-Clinton. You astonishingly made it to the front, and with that, you took on the responsibility of leading a fractured party, half of the American people, and many throughout the world at large.

Though I may not have trusted you as president of the United States, I did learn something from you in the past couple of days. Not everyone is born presidential, and not everyone can fake presidential. But I think you are something more valuable than presidential. I think you have the kind of heart and soul and mind it takes for a man – nudged from the start and carrying your commitment through to the end in the name of America – the kind of heart it takes to remember us, the everyday citizens of America. To really mean it when you say it’s not over, that you will seek to be a role model in the capacity you are taking on (which by no means should be underestimated because it is not the executive branch).

You were a true mensch when it came down to election day and the hereafter. You’re still a politician, I’m sure, but it seems you, as well as John Edwards, learned a lot from you experience and the two of you will carry that forward in Congress.

So, despite your rival taking the throne, I do wish you the best of luck; I hope that you really will push the limits, bring new ideas for unification, become a stronger and louder voice for us where we cannot be – and in doing so, reach your potential as a voice of the people, a mind for strong decision-making, and a leader to trust amongst Americans.







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