wierdest night ever.

i was going to the city and there was a fatal accident and they closed the entire eastern spur both ways for 2 hours so hundreds of people were parked on the turnpike.

most bizarre thing i’ve ever experienced.

to the people i met on the NJ turnpike tonight: it was great hanging out with you while waiting 2 1/2 hours for the cops to let us go…

to the dance party car in back of me: you guys were mad fun, specially with the seven year old who was with you.

to the cab dudes smoking off to the side: thanks for offering me one.

to the woman in the cab coming from the airport: well, i hope you were coming from and not to the airport, cuz your flight was missed. sucks. and that cab fare – ouch.

to the cute guy i was talking to on the service lane: thanks for the walk down the turnpike towards the cops. i’ll never forget the way we raced back to our cars when the traffic finally started moving when we finally got to the end of the road. shame i didnt get your number. we could have partied in a proper club as opposed to the highway.

i’m glad i got a chance to spend some intimate time with NJ before i leave… i’m also glad i got to experience what the turnpike looks like with hundreds of cars sitting idle with their lights turned off.






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