dealing in Holocaust.

the Holocaust is dealt with differently here. obviously in America jews are very serious about the Holocaust; every year in school there were assemblies and memorials and Holocaust museum visits and survivor talks.
here, it’s a different air. i think people treat it with a very clear and high level of respect, memory, definition, i dunno, i’m having trouble pinpointing what it is like. it is kind of like we wouldn’t be living here in our own Eretz Yisroel with a (functional?) government and a heavy army if the Holocaust hadn’t happened.
i consider that mostly true, at least in an immediate powder keg sense. however, when you think about that, it’s pretty crazy. if you think about our relatively easy lives, able to be as jewish as we want, in our own homeland nonetheless, and you think about what we actually are, it’s embarrassing. not 60 years ago, less than a lifetime, people went through hell because of an alleged ‘flawed national character’ that defines the citizens of Israel today. and today we, the collective citizens of Israel, seem to be doing a crap job of living the lessons of the Holocaust. no, no, i mean as far as military strength and political power we’re doing a decent-to-miraculous job.
but what about the inherently ‘jewish part’? we need to dig deep and realize that without that Israel is just another country with just another agenda of technology, modernitity, international role of bla bla bla. and we can’t again be reduced to something than we aren’t – last time it was being reduced to ‘filthy Jew’ status, which simply is not in our national cards. this time it is being reduced to ‘secular capitalist vs religious extremist nation’ status. or ‘persistant conflict’ status. or ‘modernistic tourist’ attraction.
it isn’t comfortable. it isn’t fitting. we have a lot to offer the world, yes? we have a lot to show for our past. we have a lot to teach for all our heritage, but for now, a lot to learn.
i dont really know where i’m going with this for now.





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