the end is in the beginning.

i ran, ran over hills and then mountains to make a change, to learn, to grow, to become a potential, and i’m not done. not done at all. i stared down what was ‘now’ and i made it ‘then’ and now is here again.

i ran to passion to run from passion to find it where i never thought it could be.

and the distinction i found…

fire passion excites you, tingles you, makes it unbareable to sit in one place, moves you, it burns you and scars you, it consumes you in its warmth and heat, stealing you, it lights your heart in flames that may take forever to vanquish…

water passion is cool, calm, you take it in slowly in waves of soft gulps for your strength, for your sustenance, sweeping, sweeping, sweeping over you, through you, within you and carries you and wraps you in its waves, gentle, calm, serene, a flowing passion of now and time and eternity…

souls are multi purposed i think. souls are programmed to find one another. strong souls find the other. strong souls realize what they need to do. what they have the power to do.

i’m not done. we’ll never be done. it’s only the beginning, sprung from the end, which made it here, to this place, safely – from the beginning of all ends.






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