Israeli famousity.

my friend is completing film school about now, and to do so he is completing the movie he wrote and is directing, and when he asked me to volunteer on the set for a day, i said, yeah, cool man.
he’s had to fund it on his own, and he managed to get this famous young israeli actor to sign on for crap pay, but he was genuinely interested in doing it.

i knew that this actor would be there, but ‘famous israeli actor’ doesn’t mean much to be honest.
so i didnt know it was him when i opened the gate for him, or when i was speaking silly american hebrew to him on the way to showing him where the set was or even when he got into costume… and then my friend told me that was the guy, etai turgemon, and i was like, oh cool. no one else seemed to care either, that’s the difference – an american film school would have to be an actor’s brother to get him on his amateur film festival film, and the set would be in awe… but no one at the set was over 28 years old…

then i was staring at him because he looked familiar… where do i know this guy? of course, he’s typical dark israeli mizrachi looking so he could be any skinny guy on the street.

then i remembered – he’s the main character in that betar movie i saw on the plane to israel two years ago! hey, that’s cool. so i actually saw one of his films.

on dinner break, i stopped by the video store around the corner and found the betar movie, and there he was on the cover, a little punk ass kid staring back at me, with the same stare he was giving the camera over the set of drums he was supposed to be playing in my friend’s movie.
pretty cool, no?






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