we all need answers…

A: well…what is ur ultimate purpose coming to Israel?
L: hmm. live life here? do what i wanna do here?
A: what was ur purpose in coming here?
L: live my jewish life in israel.
A: why, religion isnt driving u…
L: yeah it is, maybe not traditional-looking religion or yeshiva-looking religion, but if i werent jewish i wouldnt be here
A: just the fact ur Jewish?
L: i mean that drives my reasons…
L: im here for zionism.
A: but most people will say zionism is dead… idealism doesn’t drive the country anymore…
L: fair enuf but it drives me. we all need reasons to live, to feel things, to get stuff done.
A: so fine ur Jewish….what is ur purpose to do here?
L: well if ur asking what i want to accomplish here- a jewish family, a continuance of traditions, and making israel a better place to the best of my ability, however that happens.
A: so then let me ask u…would that have been achieved more by working at Answers or Peres?
L: well thats a longer answer than u may realize: i think that concentrating on my studies is important right now because it will make me realize things about myself. at Answers, i go to work and earn marketing and people skills ill need for my career later on, then i come home and dont think about it – hence, concentrate on studies. at Peres, work would have been harder on a technical logistic level and caused me stress making it all fit, but id be advancing my career more directly, albeit through grunt work and lots of secretary/grant writing work… i think that for now, the first option is better.
L: not everything is as it seems…
A: ok good answers.
L: i thought a lot about it. everything has a right time. as long as i keep pace with the plan, ill get there and ill get there in a way suitable for achieving what i want to achieve.
A: listen, i think Israel needs more Answers, and successful companies…so u probably did make the right decision.






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