Lizrael update: it's been awhile.

Things have been hectic lately. My role at work has been expanded, I have enough schoolwork to keep me busy until Pessach and thoughts of moving out of Jerusalem loom in the back when I have time to give them room.

So that’s what ‘real’ life is like, isn’t it? Work. School. Home. Commute. Weddings. Bills. Weekends. Funerals. Investments. Family visits.

A lot of the time, I don’t feel like I live in Israel anymore. I just live. It’s a little boring – the Israel part. I don’t feel like I need to live in Israel everyday I’m here. Some days, yes, I’m definitely living in Israel. Many days, no. I’m just living.

Aliyah is rough; the beginning is full of climbing, clawing, learning, mistaking. And then the after-beginning is rough; it’s just… regular, old, plain life.

I’m hereby officially altering my original philosophy on making aliyah:

Don’t celebrate this now; I’m not special for trying [to keep life interesting]. Celebrate when I’m still here in five, ten years… [and life is still interesting.]







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