Today's Word: מתיחות

Today’s word is brought to you by my new hip hop class. As mentioned, I started taking dance classes. I learned last Monday that I don’t mix well with organized dance. On Friday I decided to go with something a little bit looser, so I joined a street hip hop class. It was a lot of fun, and I plan to continue it, but I learned a second lesson on Friday.

Since my class I have been in a ridiculous amount of pain, which leads me to believe that I really ought to take pre-class stretching more seriously. In fact, doing sets of מתיחות, stretches, is something I should do everyday since I tend to be a lazy lump who sits in an office chair all day and then once in a while decides to ‘go running.’

So, next time I will be sure למתוח before class. And then I won’t look like an old lady for a week afterward when walking up and down stairs.






  1. Jay Bailey Avatar
    Jay Bailey

    Actually, it might not make a difference if you do stretch:

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Damn, so are you saying I just suck?

  3. Katherine Avatar

    Do you mind telling me where you’re doing the dancing? I used to go to a hip hop type class – it was really fun and I’d like to go again to something like that. my email is katherine at burgercom dot co dot za if you have a moment and wouldn’t mind sending me the details. I promise not to stalk you if I do go to the same class :)

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