Recipe: Homemade lazy lemonana.

Heat’s on the rise, and it can mean a few things, but one in particular that I’m excited about: my homemade lazy lemonana. How to, you ask? It’s very simple. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it (read the recipe title again).

1. Grow nana (mint) plants in your windowsill. Since this is the lazy lemonana, your husband has already done that for you.

2. Acquire lemonade flavored Crystal Light. Since this is the lazy lemonana, your mother sends you dozens of packets whenever she can.

3. Pour some Crystal Light into a pitcher.

4. Pour some cold water into the same pitcher.

5. Break off a bit of nana, wash it and bend the stem at different points.

6. Put the nana into the pitcher.

7. Mix.

8. Drink.

9. Go back to being lazy.





3 responses to “Recipe: Homemade lazy lemonana.”

  1. Jackie Lange Avatar
    Jackie Lange

    this is not a recipe. this is a guideline.

  2. Me Avatar

    Jackie…who the hell cares if it’s a recipe or a guideline?!

    This is all actually an example of how we shouldn’t take everything so freakin’ literally or seriously. If she wants to call it a recipe, far be it from any of us to intrude!


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