Nu, how much money?

Mazal tov! Here is a genius website I have to share, for Israeli celebration-goers in doubt of how much of a gift to give (Hebrew-only): KamaKesef?

My favorite part is that the ‘submit’ button says, “Nu, kama kesef?’


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  1. bob Avatar

    Nu, how much do u make?

  2. britishyosef Avatar

    The ultimate Israeli Start-Up question… does it work in Firefox?

  3. amechad Avatar

    Hmm, like all too many Israeli websites, it does not seem to work in Firefox (ugh, I hate using explorer).

    What I found amusing was that for money, one of the options is “Rothschild” – synonym for really, really rich.

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  5. Artinreality Avatar

    That’s just so funny! Somehow came across your blog this morning and was reading your old posts, from last year, and came across a ‘guide to wedding in Israel/jerusalem’ so close to my own it is scary! I thought to myself, oh I really wish I had this particular list before I got married last year, and then I realized the entry was from november, and thought: phew, wouldn’t have been able to use it anyways…. (Got married in September.) Anyway it was totally freakish seeing a list so incredibly close to my own.. I guess brides aren’s that far removed from one another after all, maybe… Have a great week!

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