Aliyah tip #253: Read.

I’ve fallen back in love with reading. I’ve been a reading maniac lately. I went on hiatus the past two years, thinking that I didn’t have time because I was in school. Which is funny, because I wasn’t doing much reading for school, either.

But man, do I love it. Reading is my medicine. It soothes me. It helps me survive this insane society. I cope by reading.

I keep a book in my bag. I read on line at the bank instead of getting frustrated. I read waiting for the bus instead of getting impatient. I read at the checkout in the supermarket instead of getting restless.

If you’re saying to yourself that my coping mechanism is actually escapism, well – you are correct. But it’s better than being bitter or flustered or impatient… Like some other folks I can think of…





  1. Shirat HaSirena Avatar

    What are you trying to say?

    You think I’m impatient? ;)

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    haha… I was talking about Israelis. And gever-gevers.

  3. Shirat HaSirena Avatar

    Ahhh the gever-gevers…

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