I miss my roommate.

So, the past week has been one big proof that marriage really works for me.

Husband has been in London for a week-long trip of aliyah expos and I’ve been keeping the apartment… um… well, keeping it.

The dishes have been hanging out on the counter (they’re close friends now), the dinners have been – erm – creative (sooo hungry) and I’ve overslept every day this week (today for two hours).

I’m looking forward to his return tomorrow… I’m so hungry… Dinner has been: rice and green beans one night, boiled water and onions another night and one night it was tortilla chips and salsa. Better clean up those crumbs before he gets back.

I’m really capable of domestic life, but when I was single I was the only one taking care of me. I guess I’m used to being in someone else’s hands.

Bachelor life is fun at first, but I realize my roommate is what makes life interesting these days.





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    That’s sweet!

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