Today's word: celeb/סלב

So the Globes article I was interviewed for came out today:

globes interview

My first Israeli 15 minutes of fame… You might call me a סלב (pronounced ‘celeb’). Can you guess what it means? Creative, I know.

UPDATE: Here’s the section of the article where I yap about Facebook. It’s the best I could do, they don’t post the full articles on the Globes site.

globes article

UPDATE: Here’s the article.





  1. ahajklfs Avatar

    Care to scan it? Or link to the Hebrew?

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Can’t find a link to it for the Hebrew Globes site. Maybe I’ll try to scan it….

  3. israluv Avatar

    wow – i know an israeli celeb!!! and a TECH one at that!!!!! so effing cool!

  4. Jacob Avatar

    Congrats, very very cool! You are the female equivalent of a GEVER GEVER

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