Morning Jerusalem.

This morning was the first time in a long time that my heart sang for Jerusalem. It was 5:45 am and we were in a cab on the way to the bus station. The sky was dark and the air was crisp. The streets were almost empty. And my heart was stirring a song for a place I’m about to leave.

It’s always the wee hours of the morning that bring it out in me. It used to happen in New York right before I left, but then it was on the way home after a late night as opposed to leaving very early in the morning. Four a.m., and my heart would yearn for more New York as I was on my way out. I’d breath in and let my body fill with that air I called home.

I’m not going as far this time; I’m moving my address more than I’m moving my self. But I’ve been knocking Jerusalem for the last year or so and I realize that I now know this city the way it should be known – with pride, with humor and with the yearning to know it more over time.






  1. Miss Worldwide Avatar

    Nice post. I’m the same, early in the morning.

  2. attendingtheworld Avatar

    What was like to visit Stolen Lands and interact with those who are being ethnically cleansed?

  3. Benji Avatar

    Liz, what is it like to attract ridiculous comments to your blog? I must say, I hate inciteful back-and-forth in online talkbacks but, dude, a comment like yours especially on this blog in particular, is preposterous. It’s easier to just label it as that than to actually address the issues over the internet. Find something better to do than to pop into a site like this and leave a simplistic, antagonistic comment.

  4. Benji Avatar

    And from the looks of the indented formatting, this guy has copied and pasted the text, probably on multiple blogs of which he is not a regular reader. Nice form.

  5. eliesheva Avatar

    Eh. Just to clarify, I wasn’t visiting stolen lands, I live on them.

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