Vote for Jerusalem as property on the Global Monopoly board.

Monopoly ManCheck this out from the makers of Monopoly:

Have your say in the world’s first global Monopoly!

I’m creating the world’s first global Monopoly so I want to know what your favourite cities are!

I’ve pre-selected 68 great cities for you to choose from but you can nominate any other city you want – these are known as Wildcard cities.

Vote for your top 10 cities… and keep voting every day!

The 20 pre-selected cities with the highest worldwide votes on February 29 2008 will make it onto the board. Plus, you will have from March 1 to March 9 2008 to vote on the most nominated Wildcard cities. Only the top two will make it on the board!

How fun is that? And whaddya know, Jerusalem is one of the choices. So are New York, Melbourne, Prague, Dublin, and a few of my other all-time favorite cities of the world. Can’t wait to own them all myself… and think of all the dividing Jerusalem jokes we can make!

Go ahead and vote now.