Merry Christmas from Oz.

Just took an impromptu walking tour of Ivanhoe, an area of Melbourne where the folks get real merry about Christmas decor, American-style. Well, kind of; it's a good effort. The blue-ribbon light show, in my opinion: Aussie class... Snowmen? Reindeer? How about a Santa-hat wearing kangaroo? Pretending it's winter (though, it's a freak summer and... Continue Reading →

Nightlife for the good life.

Just got back from a tour of Melbournian weekend nightlife. My Aussie companions were pleased to see that I, the unhumble New Yorker, was quite impressed. In fact, I'd daresay it was full of the stuff I love about New York - and cities in general - and lacking the stuff I despise. - Great... Continue Reading →

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