Attempting snow in Israel.

Just went for a drive… sort of. I guess I underestimated the snow; we tried driving to a friend’s and although we didn’t make it far, I did get a dose of nostalgia for snowy days back in upstate New York. Yep, stuck in the house all day, playing in the snow by night…

I have to say, I am very impressed by how slowly and carefully my Israeli neighbors were driving. No one flashed me with brights, no one crawled up to my tail. I give them an A for  caution.

At the same time, I would award an A for effort when it comes to this favorite snowy pastime:

Israeli snowmen

They even tried the carrots thing. I guess American movies pay off… but something always gets lost in translation.





2 responses to “Attempting snow in Israel.”

  1. Keliata Avatar

    I love it! Israeli snowmen!

    BTW, I’m in Buffalo and we were hit with a really bad snowstorm last night.

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