Snooty Israel-at-60 logo don't bother me.

As I mentioned briefly in my last post, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israel at 60 logo is a no-go for some:

Want to use Israel’s 60th birthday logo to help spread the celebration? Not so fast. A request by The Jerusalem Post to use it on its Web site revealed this week that specific approval is required for such requests, requiring first navigating a bureaucratic path that may take some of the cheer out of the process.

While some questioned whether such a move might be undermining the very public relations opportunity the anniversary poses, those responsible for administering the use of the logo explained the bureaucracy was aimed at preventing misuse or commercialization of the symbol, which features the image of a child creating the number 60 with a blue ribbon. (jpost)

Well, I defy thee, bureaucratic Israel-at-60 logo! Defy thee!

Israel at 60 logo





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