Fun with pretzels!

I love this:

Fun with pretzels, Israeli style!

The generic Supersol brand wants you to know all about the awesome fun you can have with pretzel rings. It explains that “pretzel rings are the most fun way to eat from your hands!”

“Do you want an idea of how to truly enjoy pretzel rings? Please: put on the rings (and you can put them on your friends) and nibble them straight from your fingers (you can also do that from your friends’ fingers).”

Raunchy! And I love the little diagram that goes with it. Love it.





4 responses to “Fun with pretzels!”

  1. missworldwide Avatar

    cute! I can’t believe they actually hired someone just to do that little diagram…

  2. bluekite Avatar

    Haha! Nice :p

  3. Tee Avatar

    Kinky! LOL.

    At my house we like to put Bugles on our fingers so we have “claws”. Don’t tell my Mom I still play with my food, though ;)

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