Turning new olim into reality TV.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just keep a blog?

There is a new show going into production called HaOlim (“The New Immigrants”) which is a sort of Real World for new immigrants to Israel. As Jewlicious reports:

“So the concept is pretty straightforward. Eight young olim from different countries live together in a big house in Tel Aviv. They each have to pool their finances, like in an old skool kibbutz, and accomplish various tasks, while going through the usual shtick that one goes through as a new immigrant. As the show progresses, the audience will witness moments of hilarity and heartbreak and everything will culminate in the selection of the Ultimate Oleh who will get a luxury condo in Tel Aviv, a new car and a hot job to help them with their new life in Israel.”

So essentially, is this a step ‘up’ for reality tv? Har, har.

Taking reality... upward.

Call me skeptical, maybe it’s just the Israeli in me, but that doesn’t really sound like a true aliyah experience. Do they have to speak Hebrew in the house? Do they have to walk into Misrad Hapnim/a bank/university admissions office completely alone and work it out? Camera crews don’t count.

I can see it now: The sniffling in front of the cameras about how lonely they feel… How hard it is to speak a new language… How life here has its ups and downs… All that while being incredibly hot, wrapped up in reality tv makeup and fashion.

There were no cameras when the rest of us rummaged through the black hole of new olehship. Then again, there is the blogosphere.

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