Katamon drama: Not just for new olim anymore.

I’ve come to respect homemade Israeli television. It’s creative, it’s bizarre, it’s actually pretty good sometimes. Hey, there’s a reason why Jews rule Hollywood, right? coming to a televisia near you.

Here’s the latest from Yes, coming to a televisia near you: סרוגים (as in, kippa sruga, or the yarmulke associated with the dati-leumi universe), a drama about the religious dating life in Katamon.

Wait, what? Can’t we just look outside our windows and see it for ourselves?

Nah. Watch it on TV… or on the website. Maybe it will cause a sense of reflection. At the very least, it should cause some laughs.


2 responses to “Katamon drama: Not just for new olim anymore.”

  1. Avi Avatar

    Interesting little show, although do people outside of Katamon “get it” (Yakar vs. Ohel Nehama, for example… although I want a character to go to Kedem and Shira Hadasha and Yedidya). The female wearing tefillin was a bit odd — was it a coincidence she’s an Anglo (and appeared in some YouTube clips) or did she just happen to live next door to the apartment that they were filming in?

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