Bring out the big guns: Shmira for Tzur Hadassah.

We’re now officially Tzur Hadassah residents, no matter what amounts of arnona tax we’ve been paying for the last six months.

We got our first shmira (security) service notice in the mail. Of course, it’s not really we, it’s more he. I’m too woman to be standing alone at gate of the yishuv, I suppose.

Basically, you can either do volunteer shmira service and get called up for a shift every half a year or so, or you can pay 80 shekel a month and get out of it. Which means that everyone is drinking coffee at 10 pm and enduring a six-hour middle-of-the-night shift every once in a while.

It feels so wild, wild west.





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  1. Jay Avatar

    It’s interesting — 4 little hills over from you in Efrat they used to have the same system — but it created class inequality between people who could afford to pay and those we preferred to do the shmirah. I was hoping they’d just make everyone do it (it’s really therapeutic to just stop for a few hours like that), but I guess it’s hard to force people without dealing with all the excuses, debates, etc… in the end nobody does it, and we all pay a flat security tax….

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