Prime Minister Olmert's 'big' news.

Just watched Prime Minister Olmert’s impromtu press release (yes, he is still the prime minister).

Nothing new, really. He’ll quit once the new Kadima leader is voted for and announced. He won’t run, but who of us thought he was going to?

I will say this: His speech was classily done. The Israeli media has butchered him, and he’s killed his own reputation, but he is human and there was remorse in his voice. There was also anger and frustration; it can’t be easy to be a world leader hated by your own people.

Right, President Bush?





3 responses to “Prime Minister Olmert's 'big' news.”

  1. Shelley Avatar

    ya… it’s a rough life when you’re stealing from yad vashem and disabled people and then pocketing the money to go on vacation. I might be a little remorseful too. maybe.

  2. Raizy Avatar

    I’m with Shelley on this one. It’s very hard for me to feel sympathy for a man who was entrusted with one of the most important positions in the Jewish world and betrayed that trust repeatedly for personal gain.

  3. Benji Lovitt Avatar

    Did you just do a redesign? OOOOH! SNAZZY!

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